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Take advantage of Opportunity

The last four days have been the most amazing. I was in The Tri-Cities with the Blue Mountain Community College Woman’s Basketball team to support in the NWAACC Championships. To say that it was anything but a privilege would be a lie. It it was so amazing to see the underdogs of the NWAACC take … Continue reading

Let’s talk about fashion.

So I can’t pass up the opportunity to post something about Fashion Week in Italy and in Paris these past couple of weeks. I find so many articles while I’m using my Flipbook App on my iPad. I am so intrigued by all of the ideas that have come out for Spring 2014. I can’t … Continue reading

Status Update

It scares me when I start writing in legal terms on my own personal blog. This is how I know I have been responding to way too many emails. Lord help me. Hey that only means that I have been keeping busy. That’s not bad right? Job security. I love it. Speaking of work, it’s … Continue reading

Turning old into new

Okay, so I am going to just have to put Project 365 on the back burner and post weekly or every other day pics. It’s sad that I can’t even take a picture a day a post it on here. At least I am admitting defeat and am moving on. My blog earlier today was … Continue reading

Project 365, Day 7

Meet Jack. He’s my 11 month old baby blue pit. He is the sweetest thing in the world and I am so glad that I get to share him on here as one of my photos for Project 365. I happened to catch him at the right time. We had just gotten home from our … Continue reading

Project 365, Day 6

I know I know. I am totally posting an image that I should have written about yesterday today. I am horrible at this but at least I am posting and writing about it. My image for yesterday is a Birthday cake for one my friends. Her birthday was Thursday and the celebration was last night. … Continue reading

Project 365, Day 5

Well everyone is in luck. I took a picture today. It’s pretty simple. The photo is of two of my favorite pieces of art that I have in the house. They go so well with my color scheme and decor. I couldn’t ask for better images. Aside from the cheap black frame around the one on the … Continue reading

Project 365, Day 3 & 4

I am completely sucking at keeping up with my Project 365. So what I am going to do for only these two images will be to upload two of my already existing photographs from my computer. I know that it’s cheating but I want to keep it current as much as I can so I … Continue reading

New Year, New Projects.

So I am going to start my own Project 365. Day 1. This image is of a beautifully renovated and updated Midtown, Sacramento home for rent that we discovered today. The home is a 2 bedroom, 1 bath home with 15 foot ceilings and with improvements  to match current interior design while leaving some of … Continue reading

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