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RHOA Reunion: My Opinion

So this is probably going to be one of the least important posts to some people out there but I feel like there is a good lesson that can be learned with this.  I feel like I need to add my two cents onto this topic. So this morning I watched the much anticipated Real … Continue reading

Take advantage of Opportunity

The last four days have been the most amazing. I was in The Tri-Cities with the Blue Mountain Community College Woman’s Basketball team to support in the NWAACC Championships. To say that it was anything but a privilege would be a lie. It it was so amazing to see the underdogs of the NWAACC take … Continue reading

Let’s talk about fashion.

So I can’t pass up the opportunity to post something about Fashion Week in Italy and in Paris these past couple of weeks. I find so many articles while I’m using my Flipbook App on my iPad. I am so intrigued by all of the ideas that have come out for Spring 2014. I can’t … Continue reading

When is this going to Stop

This is absolutely horrible and I can’t believe that these things are continuing to happen. New blog on this to come Please read: Taunted and bullied, gifted athlete and high school friend Jeffrey Fehr takes his life. Update: When is enough, enough? How many more of these suicides is it going to take before something … Continue reading

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