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Learning Through Challenge

It’s been a trying last couple of weeks to say the least. Out of all of this though I believe that all this can do is make me a better person and help me deal with life’s situations. I’ve learned so much in these last couple of weeks about myself that in all of the … Continue reading

Status Update

It scares me when I start writing in legal terms on my own personal blog. This is how I know I have been responding to way too many emails. Lord help me. Hey that only means that I have been keeping busy. That’s not bad right? Job security. I love it. Speaking of work, it’s … Continue reading

Artist Review: Cordell Cordaro

I have a new artist that I have been following and I feel like I just have to make a post of my thoughts on his works. What’s interesting is that I received a print of his from a friend who worked the Corn Hill Art Festival in New York. I had the print framed … Continue reading

Project 365, Day 3 & 4

I am completely sucking at keeping up with my Project 365. So what I am going to do for only these two images will be to upload two of my already existing photographs from my computer. I know that it’s cheating but I want to keep it current as much as I can so I … Continue reading

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