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RHOA Reunion: My Opinion

So this is probably going to be one of the least important posts to some people out there but I feel like there is a good lesson that can be learned with this.  I feel like I need to add my two cents onto this topic.

So this morning I watched the much anticipated Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion. So much hype behind this one because not only was this season filled with so much drama but there is an altercation between Portia Stewart and Kenya Moore. Let me talk about shock and Aw and that to say the least. Here is my opinion on the situation.

Right from the get go Kenya comes in with guns ablazing with her arrogant attitude, a scepter and a megaphone. At this point you know something is going to happen. Throughout the entire season I have tuned in to every episode and have watched the drama unfold. When I really got to thinking about why they have so much drama it finally occurred to me that most of it was due to one person.  Kenya Moore is behind all of this drama. She continues to create situations in which she knows will get everyone on edge and somehow places herself into the shadows while everyone else is screaming and yelling at one another. She starts the war but has no intentions of participating.  Most of the situations that cause these ladies to get into arguments are because of Kenya. When things blow up and she gets called out she continues to not take responsibility for her role in the drama that unfolds. Portia seemed to be the one that she targeted the most. Kenya lacked complete compassion and continually said and did things to Portia to attack her character and life. I feel as though Portia handled herself really well considering how she was being treated throughout the season.  I feel that the events that took place on Part 1 of the Reunion show were a result of Kenya’s constant bullying and verbally abusive comments throughout the entire season. She brought all of that to the reunion show and pushed the wrong buttons. The result were her getting taken down in a physical way.

Now am I condoning violence? Absolutely not. I do not think that violence solves anything. I also don’t believe that violence solved anything in this situation. Not one thing at all. I think that there were plenty of other ways that things could have been solved. I do know how it feels to be constantly picked on and talked down to and how it feels when you finally just explode. You do things that you would have never thought you could do. I would have not used physical violence to get my point across but I feel that Portia just exploded. I think for Kenya to act surprised  and as if her actions have no repercussions is foolish. She acted as if she was the victim as many of the women said. Kenya is a manipulator and clearly got what she wanted in this situation. She knew that if she pushed and pushed that she would cause a rise and that Portia would get put on the chopping block potentially.

I would also like to point out that there is a point in the end where Andy the host for those of you who are unfamiliar is talking to Kenya and is explaining how shocked he was. I don’t believe that he was that shocked. He sat there and watched Portia continually be stomped on by Kenya. I think for him to try to act like it was a surprise is completely ignorant and that he could have done a little more to extinguish this fire. Lets remember that ratings are everything here and that a fight would brings tons of viewers to this episode. I believe that Portia should apologize to Kenya but I also feel like Kenya and Andy should apologize to Portia. Nobody was right in this situation.

Moral of the story is do not try to solve issues with violence and also do not expect people to treat you with respect if you are not respecting them. Treat everyone with kindness and be a clear thinking human. We don’t need any more reasons to hate.


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