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Let’s talk about fashion.

So I can’t pass up the opportunity to post something about Fashion Week in Italy and in Paris these past couple of weeks. I find so many articles while I’m using my Flipbook App on my iPad. I am so intrigued by all of the ideas that have come out for Spring 2014. I can’t wait to sport the trends. I also have to note the street style photography as I am a photographer myself. I love that people are snapping pictures of all of the people on the street and there daily wear. It’s great to know that people are maintaining their appearance and keeping trendy. I love it. I myself gain most of my inspiration for my style from these photos.

Check out the links below.

GQ: Street Photo’s from Paris shot by Tommy Ton 

GQ: Blues are Trending

WWD: Versace taking us back to Luxe Looks


I will be placing more links up here as I find them. Enjoy the above while waiting. 🙂


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