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The Play by Play

Since the last time that I posted I have traveled from San Francisco to Sacramento all the way to Portland and now my new home in Athena, Oregon. My travels have gone  quite well and that 9.5 hour drive from Sacramento to Portland that I was dreading wasn’t so dreadful after all.

The early part of my day in San Francisco was quite interesting. I woke up ready to go and ready to hit the town and get my shop on. I went to my usual places and surprisingly didn’t actually buy anything. Probably a good thing as I tend to over spend anyways. So I would just sit out in Union Square and enjoy the beautiful day that the City had. The city is so great with everything that it has to offer. It’s amazing and there is nothing else like it. I had lunch with Emanuel as planned. We lunched at one of our favorite spots called Tropisueno. It’s a great spot, has delicious food, and has one of the best margaritas. After concluding our lunch, we said our goodbyes  I went back to Union Square in order to pass some time before I would meet up with Sarah for her lunch.  I had my lunch with Sarah and we laughed as usual. Talked about the things we always talk about and concluded that. I left San Francisco and made my way to Sacramento to spend the evening with my good friend Jenn and her Family. Little did I realize that I would be stuck in traffic for an hour and a half. I was not a happy camper. I knew that our reservations were creeping up. Needles to say I made it to dinner an hour later than expected. It was so great to catch up and be with “family.” I love Jenn and her family. We have a constant bond as I do with the others in my life and always have made it a point to keep them in my life. Jenn, Boris, and I later went back and got ready for the night and went to a new wine bar that they have in Midtown. It was great to be able to sit and enjoy wine and beer in a new place before I took off the next day. I always enjoy my talks with Jenn and Boris is great to be around as well.

I woke up the in Sacramento realizing that it was not the end of my trip. I still had a 9.5 hour drive to Portland. I was dreading this drive my entire trip but the only way to get over that stuff is to hit these type of things head on. Well all I could do is drive…so I drove and experienced the most beautiful drive. Northern CA and Western Oregon is beautiful. It is full of green, green, and more green. I loved it. I also couldn’t wait to get up to Portland and hang out with Carlos. He’s a great guy and always fun to be around. I still couldn’t believe that I was now going to be a Portland resident.I’ll never forget that moment when I realized when I returned to California that it was no longer my home. Carlos sent me a text and asked me where I was. I replied back to his text and let him know that I was just over the California Oregon border. He replied back with Welcome home. This moment after reading it seemed to pause. It was the most surreal experience. I can’t say that it bothered me. So I arrived in Portland around 8:00 P.M. I waited for Carlos to get off of work and meet me at my hotel. He got there and in true Carlos AJ form we started the night! 100 proof vodka and cranberry juice…lets just say the night was a party, We started off at Ce Ce Slaughters and then made our way to Silverado’s. I met some new guys that I cant wait to get back to Portland and Party with. We would then end the night at my hotel room with some more drinking. Let’s just say it was a great way to end the time in Portland.

I finally had reached the last leg of my drive home. It would take 4 hours to drive to Athena. Along this drive is the Columbia River. It was amazing how long and wide this river is. All of the towns a long this river have it made in my opinion. The view is breathtaking. I thought about a lot of thing on this particular drive. My emotions finally caught up to me and of course I had some tears. My life was changing before my eyes and I was now home. I was in my new home state. Again I couldn’t say that I wasn’t content though.

I made it home, Athena, OR and it was already time to get ready for my Grandparents 50th Wedding Anniversary Party that would be held at my house. I ended up going out to dinner with my aunt uncle and 2 cousins and reconnected with all of them and had an amazing time at the Vinyard Lounge at The Marcus Whitman Hotel. I now know where my attitude and my persistence and over all being comes from. It is totally my Aunt Denny. We are the same person. The Anniversary party on Sunday couldn’t have been any better. It was amazing and I am so glad I was here to witness this event with everyone. We laughed and we cried and learned that true love is and can be a reality if you work at it and make it a goal. I have learned so much in the last few days about love and life. It’s absolutely amazing to me. No regrets.

So here I am a week later sitting in Dowtown Walla Walla, Washington typing out this blog reflecting. I can say with full confidence that everything that has gone on this last week and weekend has totally allowed me to know that I have made the best decision to be here. My new life is going to be as amazing as everything was in Fresno. It is up to me to make things happen for myself and that is what I have always intended to do. I will continue to get closer with my family here and reach out and be with my grandmother. You will also continue to be updated on my journey as I promised in the blog before. I don;t think that they will be as long as this one is but hey, I had a lot of stuff to put into this one.

Until next time my friends, carpe diem.


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"So keep your head high, keep your chin up, and most importantly, keep smiling, because life’s a beautiful thing and there’s so much to smile about." - Marilyn Monroe


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