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Keep Calm & Carry On

It’s been awhile since I have posted on here. I have had a ton going on within the last few weeks. It;s been crazy. I’m trying to find a balance and remain calm. Nothing is going to be accomplished if I take things on with a defeatist attitude and careless. I guess it would help if I filled everyone in on what’s going on.

Here we go…

At the end of March I went on a trip to Oregon to visit my family. I brought 3 of my closest friends with me to share the experience. We would end our stay in Portland for 2 nights and live it up. Athena, Oregon is a very small town. My parents live in a beautiful home in a rural area. It’s calming and so relaxing. I loved it. One week before I left for Oregon my mother called me to inform me that my grandma’s cancer had returned unexpectedly. My grandmother had previously been diagnost with ovarian cancer. She went through chemo and recovered as expected. Turns out that the cancer returned. She went through chemo one more time and it appeared that it was all taken care of. One year later she returns to the doctor. They say that her cancer levels were where a little high but nothing to worry about. She would late go to get blood work done in order make one hundred percent sure that she was okay. She went and got the blood work done and received the results. The prognosis: Cancer all over he body on vital organs. She currently has cancer on lungs, stomach, liver, and those are just to name a few. She was given six months to live,  placed on hospice care and refused to do chemo again. A lot to take in right? This is my grandma. A women who I have always known to be strong willed and untouchable. So hearing this obviously made me more eager to make it up to see the family. Long story short my grandmother looks as though there is nothing wrong with her and has the keep on keepin on attitude and hopes that all of us can have the same attitude. I have to be honest by saying that I had a complete meltdown while at a family get together and was comforted by her. She advised that this is what happens in life and that all we can do is live each day by day and go on with life the best we can. Be happy and continue to love one another and be there. With this being said this would be the precursor to the huge change that I was about to make in my life.

So the end of vacation was great. I got home wishing I had more time on all aspects of it. With constant contact and discussion with my mother I decided that it was time for change and that I would uproot myself from home and move up to Oregon to be with my family at this time.

In two weeks I will be leave my home of 25 years to start a new chapter in Oregon. My goal with this dramatic change in pace and a new lifestyle, is to help recenter my life and help me build on my relationships with my family that I have been away from for so long. I believe that this change is necessary and will help me appreciate the things that I have in my life even more so. I know how much I take for granted. I also know how much that changes when you find out that someone who is a greater part of your immediate family is going to die in a set given time. I can’t wait any longer to make moves in my life. This is the change I need to make to prove to myself that I can make the change that I want in my life. I can prove to myself that I can make it in a new location and make things happen for myself in my life. I am both scared and excited for this new change that is about to take place and can only hope that this decision is for the best. My friends here are the closest I have and my family. I have love for them like no other and they know it. I will never close those doors and will always know that my home is here. I am fortunate to have the support of my friends, co-workers and acquaintances in my decision to do this.

The next couple of weeks are going to be most stressful as I have to go through stuff, get rid of sell, and work stuff to accomplish before I leave. I will be taking advantage of seeing as many people as I can and making sure I show the appreciation. It’s coming so fast. I just need to remember to “Keep Calm & Carry On.”

I hope that everyone is doing well and living their lives the way that they want to. As I have said many times before take hold of it and make it what you want it. We only have ourselves stopping us.

On a more light hearted note please visit my photography blog that I finally got up and running. It is going to serve as my on-line portfolio. It’s a work in progress so bare with me. I am proud of all my works and would appreciate the feedback from you all. PLEASE VISIT!

Until then, Carpe Diem.

“Faith means living with uncertainty – feeling your way through life, letting your heart guide you like a lantern in the dark.” – Dan Millman 

About A.J. Collazo

"So keep your head high, keep your chin up, and most importantly, keep smiling, because life’s a beautiful thing and there’s so much to smile about." - Marilyn Monroe


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