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When is this going to Stop

This is absolutely horrible and I can’t believe that these things are continuing to happen. New blog on this to come

Please read:

Taunted and bullied, gifted athlete and high school friend Jeffrey Fehr takes his life.


When is enough, enough? How many more of these suicides is it going to take before something is done? These are precious lives that are being taken away from this world from kids who have just as much potential as all of us to go far, live life to it’s fullest and follow their dreams. It’s unfortunate that this has to be taken away because of the power of words.

Why is it that these poor kids continually have to deal with the taunting throughout their lives only to end up carrying that with them throughout their lives. It’s horrible and extremely heartbreaking. I could never imagine dealing with the things that these kids have to deal with. I think one of the saddest parts of this particular story is that Jeffrey had extreme potential and huge support group.

It’s very hard for me to understand why people are so unaccepting. I never had to deal with any of the things he had to deal with and I try to figure out why.  For me growing up wasn’t as hard as this. I went to school, had great friends but maybe the difference is that I didn’t come out in high school or didn’t pay much attention to my sexuality. I know that in high school I always did have feeling for the same sex but knew that I liked girls and wanted to be with one. I always pursued them in high school but didn’t make it my goal. I put more effort into making friends and finding my talents. I also went to a school where the basis was placed upon diversity and coming together to accomplish a common goal. Our principle had this quote that he made sure was incorporated into everything that was related with the school, and that was “Feel the Love.” I’ll never forget how I felt going to school knowing that our school was different than others. I went to a school whose leaders made sure that acceptance was taught. It was great and for that I am thankful for. My college experience was just the same if not greater. I made many friends and have many acquaintances who knew me and knew some of my life’s details and couldn’t have been more loving and caring. Again how is it that I can have 100% support and love from strangers, and friends that I have met a long the way, and these people have to deal with the this negative bullshit day to day. It just doesn’t sit well with me.

I would love to know my readers thoughts and welcome them to email or comment on the post. Lets discuss. I would actually really appreciate it.

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