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Photography, Project 365

Project 365, Day 5

Well everyone is in luck. I took a picture today. It’s pretty simple. The photo is of two of my favorite pieces of art that I have in the house. They go so well with my color scheme and decor. I couldn’t ask for better images. Aside from the cheap black frame around the one on the left, all is great. That is soon to change as I am on the hunt for the perfect one. So I guess I should explain each one. The Corn Hill Arts Festival in Cornhill, New York. Ted brought it home with him and I fell in love with it. The colors, the texture, the avante guard fashion and just the way the subjects are positioned and fill the space is great. I love seeing that artists are taking the initiative to give the viewers something different.  The second piece is one that most of us have come to know at some point in our lives and that is the Sunflowers by Van Gogh. Now I know that there is no way that this is even near an original and that it is a mere cheap replica. That to me doesn’t matter. I enjoy this painting. The texture, the movement of the flowers themselves. It all speaks to me. I am glad that I have it to share with others. The one on the left is actually a poster from

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