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‎”We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Year’s Day.” – Edith Pierce

It’s that time again. It’s a time of thought and reflections. The new year is right around the corner and it’s time to reflect and think about everything that has happened this year and use the good and the bad as experience as well as analyze what has been brought into your life. Tonight at 12 we will all be closing the 2011 year and bring on 2012. With this I have been thinking a lot about this past year and what has I have accomplished, how I have grown and the things that I can improve upon. A lot of my thinking towards the latter part of this year has gone towards how I am going to accomplish my goals this year and make my dreams my reality. It’s all to often that I continue to think that the things that I want to do are out of my reach, when in all reality they are completely attainable and if I put my mind to it and push as hard as I can, I can reach them. It’s going to take contemplation and planning but most of all just going for it. Trying and failing, and winning in the end. I also believe that with the new year is going to be the year in which I improve upon my relationships. It’s important to me that my relationships with people remain on good terms and that those who I love know it. I have a hard time showing people that I care from time to time but I always mean well and those who truly know me, know that this is how I am. I am always there for the ones that I love and have continued to do whatever it is that they need. I would like to reach out to those who feel that I have wronged them in some way or another to know I love them no matter and that I will always be here for them.

In thinking about some of the things that I have experienced this year I think about some of the relationships that have taken a pause and issues that need to be addressed. I have always believed that life is too short to be mad at somebody. I need to heed my advice and stop being upset. I need to address the situation, sit down with those who I am upset with and address why I am upset. I will use this as my start to improving things in my life and the people that I want in it. I really think that this is a year to make everything right. I’m stubborn and selfish at times and forget that there are two people in relationships regardless of what kind of relationship it is. It’s my goal to improve.

Like I’ve mentioned above it’s going to be another year but a year of growth for me and a year of making my success. I am the only one who can do it and I am determined to do it. As I sip my champagne tonight from wherever I end up tonight I will be thinking about my goals that I have set forth and how 2011 will only be memories now. It’s time to close that chapter and start writing a new one.

Cheers to all of you. Let’s bring in this New Year right.

About A.J. Collazo

"So keep your head high, keep your chin up, and most importantly, keep smiling, because life’s a beautiful thing and there’s so much to smile about." - Marilyn Monroe


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